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We had the great fortune of having Teacher Aimee teach our daughter in preschool and kindergarten. She is absolutely hands down one of those teachers you set the benchmark to for the rest of your child's education. Not only was she very involved with our daughter's personal and emotional well-being but was also very academically focused with advancing her to the next level of her learning each step of the way. We would love to have the opportunity to have Teacher Aimee teach our daughter again if ever given the chance.

Erica & Berlin 

We had the privilege of having Aimee for a teacher when my son was 4. She truly cares about the children and has a very calm, kind, loving demeanour. We are truly grateful Aimee was there to help shape our son in his formative years. Years later, he still speaks fondly of her class!

Jillian & Elliot 

Aimee is  an amazing teacher. She was able to connect with my daughter Ashley  right away. She has a kind energy and about her and a possesses positive attitude. She has great way when it comes to connecting with children. From music to outdoor exercise and gardening . I highly recommend Miss Aimee.

Sherry & Ashley

Miss Aimee was my daughter's teacher for sadly, only one year. The instant Miss Aimee and my daughter Fabi met, they connected and Fabi looked forward to going to her Monstessori school in Squamish. Miss Aimee was always full of positive energy, vibrant and creative ideas and gave permission to the kids to explore their strengths within the Monstessori program. During parent - teacher meetings, Miss Aimee was a delight to chat with, putting the accent on the positive attributes of our child, while sharing in a respectful manner things that came up. Miss Aimee was always open to our ideas and suggestions to better support Fabi, while offering innovative perspectives and opinions to help Fabi flourish into the amazing person she is.  We were very sad to move on from Miss Aimee and wished that more teachers could be more like the bright light that was Miss Aimee Any family would be lucky to have her as their teacher!   

Melanie & Fabi 


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